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We strive to pay more than other Denver buyers!

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Then you need to call THE GOLD HUNTER!
We are Denver jewelry buyers and meet you at a
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We have been in business for many years, with no complaints and strive to pay you more than other Denver jewelry buyers for your valuable gold, platinum and silver jewelry, chains, watches and coins.

THE GOLD HUNTER firmly believes in treating every client with generosity, dignity and fairness. Our business philosophy reflects our personal philosophy of treating others as we would want to be treated: by the good old-fashioned GOLDEN RULE!

THE GOLD HUNTER believes in doing our part to help. We buy gold at a price that truly reflects the inherent value of the jewelry you wish to sell, putting the most money into your hands (where it belongs!) that we possibly can!


Top dollar paid ON THE SPOT for jewelry items of Gold, Platinum and Silver:

– Rings – Earrings – Ingots
– Bracelets – Watches – Bullion
– Chains – DENTAL GOLD – Sterling Silver
– Necklaces – COINS – And Much More!

ONE ITEM or 100 ITEMS: Cash paid promptly!


THE GOLD HUNTER team is available for special-events: school & charitable fundraisers (churches & their congregations are always welcome!) and business parties (whatever you are selling, SELL MORE with the GOLD HUNTER putting instant cash into your customers hands during the course of your business party!).

Please go to our Frequently Asked Questions for more information on how this works.