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Whata��s in a name? (Defining an Ounce)

In spot pricing of gold, silver, and platinum, you will frequently see references to a U.S. ounce and a Troy ounce. Do you know the difference?

Precious metals are priced as $/Troy Ounce with one Troy Ounce=31.1 grams. One U.S. ounce=28 grams, so a Troy ounce is heavier than a U.S. ounce by 3.1 grams.

So what does that mean?

Leta��s say you have 16 grams of 14K gold in the form of jewelry. How many Troy Ounces of gold do you actually havea��since 14K gold is 55% gold content?A� To calculate the answer simply multiply 16 grams x .55 which equals 8.8 grams of 24K gold (100% content) in that jewelry item. Then divide 8.8 grams by 31.1 grams (in a Troy Ounce) which comes to .28 Troy Ounces or just over a quarter Troy Ounce.

Sounds complicated, doesna��t it?

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