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Do you have Nontraditional Gold Items to Sell?

Do you have an unusual piece of gold to sell but have been turned away by traditional gold buyers who are unsure of its actual gold content? This happens every day because most gold buyers only have experience with jewelry and don’t have the required expertise to assist you.

Goldleaf being applied to a picture frame.

Some examples of unknown karatage gold are placer gold, industrial forms of gold (foil, sheets, or pellets), or larger quantities of dental gold that includes ceramic crowns. Selling gold of this kind can be a challenge, the Gold Hunter has developed a unique solution to the problem.

We will meet with you, examine your gold items, and then take your unknown karat gold to our local refinery. The refinery will melt down your gold items and do a lab test to get a 100% accurate assessment of the actual gold, silver, platinum, and palladium content of your items.

We will then provide you with a copy of the lab results for your records and pay you a predetermined, agreed-upon return on your previously unknown gold content item. The best part? This can usually all happen in the same day, so you arena��t inconvenienced.
We do this on a regular basis for our clients, and I don’t know anyone else who provides this service in the Denver area. Please call Michael at 303-520-5751 for details and to set an appointment.

Have a golden day!

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