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The Holidays Are Coming!

How Can I Raise Holiday CashA�If I’ve Sold All of My Gold and Silver?

If youa��re like a lot of my past happy clients, you have already sold most if not all of your gold and silver jewelry. However, there are still several profitable opportunities for you to raise some quick holiday cashA�with The Gold Hunter.

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You can take advantage of The Gold Hunter’s unique a�?Friends and Family referral program,a�? which pays you 5% of any gold, silver, or platinum the Gold Hunter buys from your referral. For example, if you refer a friend, and we buy $2000 in silver or gold jewelry from them, we will pay you $100 just for being kind enough to tell others about our generous service! Think about ita��if you do this just a few times you will earn a tidy sum just in time for the holidays!

Gold Party

The other lucrative option for earning quick holiday cash is for you to host a Gold Party at your home or place of employment. All you have to do is invite your friends, coworkers, or family to your party, who will bring their unwanted gold or silver jewelry to your Gold Party. While you and your guests eat great food and enjoy great company, the Gold Hunter representative will evaluate and buy genuine precious metals from your guests.

The beauty of this opportunity is that we will pay you 10% of the total buys at your Gold Party. For example, if we buy just $10,000 at your Gold Party (a very realistic goal since gold is hovering around $1,800 per oz!) then YOU make $1000 in referral fees for just 2a��3 hours of your time. Talk about easy holiday cash!

Consider these marvelous opportunities when thinking about your holiday shopping, and call Michael at 303-520-5751 for more information or to book a Gold Party!

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