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The Gold Hunter Presents a New Gold- or Silver-Buying Opportunity!

Year of the Horse IngotThe Gold Hunter is offering  something new for our clients!

Because the price of gold has dropped this year and is expected to rise again in 2014 as a result of inflation, people have been approaching us with questions about gold investment.

So we’re responding to those requests.

Starting in January of this year, The Gold Hunter is now maintaining a supply of gold and silver ingots and bullion for sale. To help our clients, we are keeping our premiums reasonable. We have an ample supply of this year’s Year of the Horse 10 oz silver ingot, as well as silver bullion 1 oz rounds. These beautiful ingots and bullion rounds should increase in value as the year progresses, making now a great time to purchase.  We also have a nice supply of hard to come by gold  fractional 1/10th ounce American Eagles & Austrian Philharmonics in stock  with low premiums!

Every time gold prices go down, it’s a great time to buy! Then you can sell  when the spot price rises and make a profit.  From day to day in 2013, gold dropped and rose in price. Last year presented some real bargains, and this year looks to be a great one for investment. The price of gold is anticipated to rise up to $1,450 per ounce. If you buy now, you could make quite a sizable profit by selling when the price is higher.

Now is the time to buy!

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