Gold Parties

fluconazole and alcohol. #Generic Diflucan . fluconazole yeast infection. For two reasons a�� theya��re FUN and theya��re PROFITABLE!

Imagine a home party where the participants actually receive money for attending, rather than being asked to spend money they may not have for a product or service they may not need or want.

By attending a GOLD HUNTER gold party that you host, persuasive essay example high school your invitees will receive top dollar for their gold, silver, and platinum jewelry in a warm and friendly home environment (yours!) and YOU will receive 10% of the total jewelry buys that occur at your party!

For example, if THE GOLD HUNTER team purchases $10,000 worth of jewelry at your party (and at current gold prices that is very easy to do), then YOU WILL BE PAID $1000 CASH for opening your home & hosting this gold party! And the neat thing is that a typical successful gold party only takes two to three hours of your timea��TOPS!

A little well thought out planning & preparation goes a long way in ensuring your partya��s successa��and maximum $$$ to you! Of course, we will help you plan and prepare for your partya��s success, having participated in scores of successful, fun gold parties since 2008.

For more information please call Michael @ 303-520-5751

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Home-based business parties-

DOUBLE, TRIPLE or even QUADRUPLE your average sales at a a�?home partya�? hosted by a friend or neighbor by inviting THE GOLD HUNTER team to your party and promoting our jewelry-buying service at the same time as promoting easy persuasive speech topics for college students your own party. Watch your sales skyrocket as a consequence of the party attendees suddenly having hundreds of extra dollars to spend at your party! Ita��s a natural!


School, charitable, and church fund-raisers-

Everyone benefits when you invite THE GOLD HUNTER team to your fund raising event. People who attend fund raisers are naturally generousa��even more so when they unexpectedly have hundreds or even thousands of extra dollars to contribute to the worthy cause of their choice.

Is your church needing money for a building program or help sponsoring a youth group trip or activity? Just invite THE GOLD HUNTER team to your fund-raising event and get the results your charity needs. We want to help!

Please call Michael @ 303-520-5751 for more information.