Ia��m very excited about our referral program and want to tell you why!

One half of our new clientele come from referrals from our satisfied clientsa��an unbelievable statistic in this industry.A� Think about ita��how many referrals do you suppose pawn shops and weekend hotel gold buyers receive?A� Thata��s righta��next to none. Thata��s because they dona��t care about your business or the business they could obtain from your family and friends.

At The Gold Hunter we want to build lasting relationshipspersuasive writing outline with our clients and with the people in their circle of influence.A� To encourage these long-lasting relationships, you will receive a 5% referral fee for anyone you refer to us!

For example, if you refer someone to us who ends up selling $1000 in jewelry to us, fluconazole canada pharmacy. #Buy Diflucan Canada. diflucan one where to buy. YOU WILL RECEIVE $50! If your referral results in a $2000 purchase we will pay you $100! And you need to know that 5% dollar amount ALWAYS COMES from our profit, not from your friendsa�� or loved onesa�� portion of the transaction. Why should your acquaintances be penalized because you referred them to us? That simply would be unfaira��remember that we want to treat you the same way that we want to be treated by others (the GOLDEN Rule). That philosophy has worked throughout the ages and is partially responsible for what has made our nation great. The Gold Hunter still firmly believe in that rule.

At the time of our appointment we will explain policy persuasive speech our referral program to you in greater depth.

* Coins are excluded from the 5% referral fee because our margins are so slim. However we will pay you an appropriate fee how does zoloft make you feel. #Zoloft online janivia drugs south america. . zoloft generalized anxiety disorder. for any coin clients you refer to us. Ita��s the right thing to do.