I just completed a transaction for nearly $3000 with Elizabeth from the The Gold Hunter. This was my first experience selling gold or anything else for that matter on a phone call. She was extremely professional. Spent a great deal of time explaining the process, and more importantly making sure I understood the process. I was very pleased and would highly recomend The Gold Hunter and specifically Elizabeth.” -Michael Rooms

Michael was very professional and up front. We met in a safe public place. Nothing was hidden. He sorted my gold according to its grade (10K, 14K, 24K, etc). I watched the weighing of the gold and the calculation of their values. I felt he was honest and gave me the best price I could have received for my gold and silver. I have referred Michael to a friend already.” – Barbara K. doxycycline reviews for chlamydia.

My dealings with Michael (The Gold Hunter) was very good! He was friendly & informative on how the process works. I will be referring family members to him & do more business myself with him in the future.” Bear S.

The first time I met with Michael I was quite nervous being a woman by myself. We met at a local coffee shop which made me feel much better. Michael was very personable and put me at ease right away. He was very fair with the selling of my jewelry. I enjoyed the process so much I came back a second time. This has been a great experience for me!”
– Skye O

I am a 77 year young widow living on Social Security & a small pension. I went to a local jewelry store with all the gold I had received over a lifetime from my deceased husband and received an insulting offer ($650) for all of my gold jewelry.

I had saved an ad for The Gold Hunter & met with him at a nearby coffee house.A� I was shocked when he offered me $1600 for the exact same jewelry! Of course I accepted his offer and will be referring my friends at the Seniors group at my church as well.” A� a�� Mabel S.

I recently lost my job and needed some extra cash so I attended one of those weekend hotel gold buying events. They offered me $250 so I bolted out of there. I couldna��t believe such a ridiculously low offer.

My wife had a GOLD HUNTER ad so I called and set an appointment with THE GOLD HUNTER by my house.A� I actually received $700 for the same stuff I had initially taken to the hotel gold buyers.A� I was so pleased but I just wish that I had more jewelry to sell to him.A� But Ia��ll refer my friends and take advantage of The Gold Huntersa�� 5% referral fee program.A� It makes no sense at all to sell your jewelry to anyone else.” a��Joe S.

My loved one was extremely sick and I needed to raise money for medical bills. I met with THEA� GOLD HUNTER and sold him a 1 ounce American Eagle coin for a price that was far better than any coin dealer had offered me. Several weeks later she passed on and I needed more money for the funeral arrangements so I called THE GOLD HUNTERA�A� again and received top prices for 12 other gold coins that I owned.

I was really helped out at a time when I suspect others might have taken unfair advantage of my circumstances. THE GOLD HUNTER truly cares and treated me fair.A� What started as a business transaction has turned into a friendship with mutual respect. God Bless THE GOLD HUNTER!” a��Marcia M.

Because THE GOLD HUNTER is a member of the North Metro Chamber of Commerce I wanted his team at my Open House where I was selling my own jewelry line. I also invited several other vendors who were selling their purse lines, cosmetics and spa treatments.A� I advertised THE GOLD HUNTERa�� s attendance in my e-vites and flyers for my Open House. The turnout was tremendous! THE GOLD HUNTER put $5000 into my customersa�� hands and every vendor had marvelous sales as a result!

Three other small business owners who attended my Open House booked THE GOLD HUNTER team to attend their Open Houses next month as a result of seeing the results that I had. Small business success and THE GOLD HUNTER team go hand-in-hand.A� Ia��ll definitely use his services again and again because it makes for increased sales in a difficult economy.A� And ita��s nice to know that THE GOLD HUNTER pays so much more than everyone else.A� Thata��s more money paid to your customers so they have more money to spend with you.” – Mindy K.

The first time I met with THE GOLD HUNTER I had just been offered $195 by a local pawnshop for my gold and silver jewelry.A� THE GOLD HUNTER paid me nearly $500 for the same items the same day.A� My fiancA�e went through her jewelry box and found loads of gold jewelry so we met with THE GOLD HUNTER at my place of employment and received over $700 cash.A� My fiancA�e and I are really impressed with how open and honest the gold-buying process is with him. There is absolutely nothing secretive about the transaction whatsoever.

Wea��re so happy with THE GOLD HUNTER that we refer our friends and family to him without any reservations.A� We feel wea��re doing our friends a huge favor by doing so.A� We also like the 5% referral fee that we are paid!” a�� Randy C..

I met THE GOLD HUNTER at my place of employment, which was very convenient for me, and he sorted out the gold into 14K and 18K piles which he weighed separately and then entered the weights and the current gold price into his computer and voila! I had $596 to spend on myself! I refer co-workers and friends to him and receive a nice referral fee just for speaking the truth about how generous THE GOLD HUNTER has been to me and my buddies.A� I dona��t know why you would sell your jewelry to anybody else.” a��Marti C. how does sertraline work for anxiety.

I responded to an ad for THE GOLD HUNTER and we met at a coffee shop where my gold was separated into the various piles of karat gold and then weighed in front of me. These weights were next entered into his computer after I was shown the current spot prices of gold and silver. Soon I had $577 in my hand.

The interesting thing is that I had been to one of those a�?gold partiesa�? the night before and all of my gold was simply weighed together and I was told most of my gold was 10K gold anyway. This wasna��t the case so I rejected his silly offer of $235. Then he counter-offered another $35, bringing his offer to $270.A� I was immediately leary of this offer and left without selling my jewelry to him. He didna��t even seem interested in my silver and offered me next to nothing for a baggie full of my silver jewelry, which THE GOLD HUNTER paid me over $50 for.

I told my husband about my great experience with THE GOLD HUNTER and he searched through his own jewelry as well and we set a second appointment with THE GOLD HUNTER after I found the rest of my gold jewelry.

I received another $290 this time on my lunch hour at work.A� Ia��ve been telling my coworkers about THE GOLD HUNTER as well since wea��re facing massive lay-offs this month and theya��ve been treated as generously as I was by him.A� Go with THE GOLD HUNTER if you want to get the most money for your jewelry a�� I did!” – Mindy K.