How does your method for gold selling work?

Ita��s all very simple, secure, and convenient. Once wea��ve spoken, wea��ll set an appointment at a time convenient for both of us. THE GOLD HUNTER will meet with you at a public place (like a coffee shop, your bank, our bank, or even your place of employment) that is convenient for you; we never come to your home for security reasons.

The entire process is amazingly transparent.persuasive essay examples high school You will sit across the table from me, witnessing everything I do. Feel free to ask questions as we proceed. I will explain every step of our transaction together. There are NO SECRETS!

Here is the process:

THE GOLD HUNTER brings a sensitive, digital jewelry scale, calibrated to 100% accuracy while you watch.

Your jewelry will be examined and sorted into respective piles of 10K, 14K, 18K gold, platinum, and silver. Each separate pile is then weighed and recorded. You will be paid for each individual precious metal that you are selling (without the unethical practice of lumping together the various gold types and calling the entire pile 10k gold, as some gold buyers are known to do).

Next I will show you the CURRENT SPOT PRICES diflucan reviews for candida. #Diflucan reviews where to buy elocon. . diflucan reviews for oral thrush. of the precious metals that you are selling. You are always paid off of the CURRENT spot prices; thata��s as fair and honest as it gets!

The weights of your jewelry and the appropriate current funny presentation topics spot prices are then entered into my proprietary computer program that automatically calculates your payment; again we strive to pay more than other buyers in the area.

Lastly you are immediately paid in CASH!

How long does the process last?

-A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A� The entire process usually takes only a half hour, depending on the quantities of jewelry you wish to sell.

Will any other companya��s gold parties, a�?Weekend Only Gold Buyersa�? events at local hotels, or people that I have to ship my jewelry to REALLY pay me what it is worth?

-A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A� The simple answer is no. None of these buyers of precious metal jewelry will pay you what your jewelry is truly worth.

Why are they not able to pay me what you can pay me?

When you think about it, they all have ONE THING in common: extremely high overhead. Television and radio ads are expensive. So is the rent for a hotel conference room or overhead associated with brick and mortar storefronts (like pawn shops & jewelry stores). These companies they have to pay their landlords high rents, insurance, utilities, payroll, and a host of other expenses and bills.

Gold parties pay high premiums to the people hosting their gold parties. All of these overhead costs are deducted from what you are paid for your jewelry items if you sell to them. Then therea��s the exorbitant profit that is often taken at your expense.

High overhead and excessive profit-taking combine to rob you of the inherent value of your jewelry. Ia��ve heard this situation described as a�?opportunisma�? at the expense of innocent people who only wish to be treated fairly.

How are you able to pay more than your competition?

I have VERY LOW OVERHEAD ciprofloxacin 500mg. #Cipro USA. ciprofloxacin side effects. as a consequence of my innovative business model that enables me to pay to you (my valued clients) the difference in price. Ia��m also content with being generous, taking a much smaller profit than my competitors.

Are you a National Company?

No, Ia��m a local member of the community and serve the Denver metropolitan and Colorado areas. I am a member of the North Metro Chamber of Commerce and the BBB and hold myself accountable to my neighbors.