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Holiday Special: 15% Bonus on Gold, Silver, or Platinum Jewelry

Thursday, December 12th, 2013

levitra vs viagra. #purchase Levitra. levitra cost. buy doxycycline for syphilis. #Purchase Doxycycline buy tylenol 4 online. . doxycycline in stores. selling-gold-denverWe all know that Christmas time & the holidays can be joyous but also costly. Let The Gold Hunter help you out by giving you a 15% bonus every time you sell us your gold, silver, or platinum jewelry through December 31, 2013. Just mention that you saw this Christmas offer on our website, and we will be happy to help you earn as much money as possible on your sale of gold, silver, or platinum jewelry.

Have a Merry Christmas and a joyous holiday season from your friends at The Gold Hunter!!

Why Do I Buy Gold and Silver?

Thursday, November 7th, 2013

doxycycline hyclate. # buy kamagra online with paypal. #Buy Kamagra canada. where to buy kamagra safely. Generic Doxycycline viagra prices the villages. . doxycycline 100mg side effects. Gold ScaleI am frequently asked why it is that I do what I do. As a business, The Gold Hunter makes a point of paying the highest dollar amount for our clientsa�� gold and silver jewelry. Wea��re obviously not in it to make a quick buck. So what it is it that drives us? Honestly, Ia��m blessed to thoroughly enjoy what I doa��helping people raise cash when they sell their precious metals.

Between 2008 and 2011, I helped many clients who were enduring tragic and heartbreaking financial circumstances because of the economic meltdown. Many of my clients had lost their jobs through no fault of their own and were suddenly facing potential financial ruin for themselves and their families. I could not sit down with these good people and take advantage of them as so many of my competitors chose to do. I had the opportunity to help.

My clients would tell me how poorly theya��d been treated by weekend hotel gold buyers (now extinct), pawn shops, and even some gold-buying jewelers. But when they came to The Gold Hunter, they left satisfied, often with tears of gratitude in their eyes.

Sometimes our clients had their children waiting in the car for them to return with enough cash from the sale of their gold jewelry to buy food or gasa��perhaps even enough money to make one more mortgage payment. Senior citizens would sell their gold to me to buy much-needed prescription medicines or to help their grandchildren buy school supplies. It touched me to be able to make a difference in their lives.

My heart broke as I witnessed firsthand the widespread suffering I encountered every day from 2008 through 2011. I vowed that I would never add to my clientsa�� misfortune by being anything other than as fair and as generous as possible while still staying in business.

Operating my business by the creed a�?Do Unto Others As You Would Want Them To Do Unto Youa�? has been the most rewarding decision that I have ever made. I have not made as much money as I might have, but I am rich in the knowledge that I have truly helped my local community and have done my part to enrich the wonderful folks who are my clients.

More than half of my business is the result of referrals from satisfied clients and repeat business, so my decision to treat every client fairly and generously has paid off. The Gold Hunter is still thriving after six years in business, while many of my competitors have closed their doors.

In fact, as word of my generous payouts reached my competitorsa�� ears, they were forced to pay more in response. Being generous had an unforeseen spillover effect in the Denver gold market that benefitted the public.

So why do I do what I do? Because I truly love the feeling that I am helping people achieve what they truly want and need, whether that means paying the bills or taking a much-needed vacation. We value and respect each and every one of our clients and are excited to be able to help them when they need it. Valuing every client has resulted in The Gold Hunter earning an a�?Aa�? rating with the BBB with zero complaints since 2008, perhaps my greatest accomplishment and source of pride!

Where Are All the Gold Buyers Going?

Friday, October 4th, 2013

canadian drug pharmacy. #Canada Drugs Doxycycline levitra uk next day delivery. #buy Levitra online. buy levitra online cheap. . fake doxycycline. Big buy from a repeat client generic xenical. If youa��ve visited or driven past any storefront gold buyers lately, you may have noticed a few more closed signs on windows, a few less sign twirlers, or a few more a�?call to make an appointmenta�? signs that lead you to unanswered telephone numbers. Whata��s going on?

Since January 2012, the Denver metro area has been inundated with no less than 50 gold buying storefronts from four different out-of-state chains. These chains arena��t members of the Better Business Bureau, nor do they bother to join any local Chambers of Commerce. They are a�?get rich quicka�? operations that are not invested in the local community and do not donate to any local worthy charities.

These out-of-state chains were doomed to fail from their inception. 2012 saw the supply of scrap gold from individuals rapidly start to dwindle, compared with the supplies of 2008a��2011, which were record breaking and robust. These high scrap gold levels are what prompted the a�?get rich quicka�? gold buying storefronts to leap into the Denver market, so when they started going down, it was bound to have an impact.

Because these storefront gold buyers have such high business overhead, they pay very low prices for both scrap gold jewelry and gold coins, often offering $160- $240 BELOW SPOT PRICES for one ounce gold coins and ingots! No wonder they dona��t want to join the BBB! But they really dona��t have a choice. Because these businesses are so expensive to run, if they dona��t pay unreasonably low prices for gold, silver, and platinum they cana��t make enough money to stay in business.

The market has responded by staying away from these operations, and storefront gold buyers are now closing numerous locations as they experience enormous financial losses.A� Expect further closings between now and January 2014 as the latest incarnation of gold buyers continue to suffer heavy losses.

Contrast them to The Gold Hunter. We have an A rating on the Better Business Bureau and participate in our local community through our membership with and frequent gold and silver jewelry donations to the Metro North Chamber of Commerce.A� The Gold Hunter also donates to local schools, churches, and youth sporting leagues. We love to be involved in our local community and contribute whenever we have the opportunity.

The best news is that The Gold Hunter is still thriving after six years in the gold buying business. We keep our overhead low, so we can continue paying generously for our clientsa�� scrap gold, silver, and platinum, as well as top dollar for coins and bullion.

Please call us and experience The Gold Hunter difference for yourself!

How will the a�?sequestera�? affect the price of gold and silver?

Friday, March 15th, 2013

SoA�you’veA�likely heard it all over the newsa��Sequestering just became a reality. But what does it mean? And how will it affect you? Will it affect the price of your gold and silver jewelry?

The so-called “sequester” was the result of the can being kicked down the road (once again) by the U.S. Congress and President Obama during the deliberations to resolve the debt ceiling a�?crisisa�? of the summer of 2011. Part of the crisis resolution involved creating across-the-board budget cuts to military and domestic programs.

The hope was that these potential cuts would serve as incentives for both parties and their leaders to reach agreement by March 2013. In fact, the sequester itself was invented by the Obama White House and agreed to by both Harry Reid (D) Head of the Senate and John Boehner (R) Speaker of the House.

Since then no progress has been made to craft a sensible budget that reduces the deficit as well as the nation’s crippling debt level ($16.5 trillion & climbing). But the sequester a�?solutiona�? is not ideal. The big problem is that these huge, poorly planned budget cuts will likely result in an already very weak economy getting even worse.

Which, by the way, would lead to the very definition of a recession (two quarters in a row of negative national growth). Not only that, but if the sequester isna��t lifted almost immediately, the loss of jobs from the military-industrial complex alone would result in a projected increase in unemployment rate from 7.8% to 9.8%.

Not only would this be devastating to the economy, but it would lead to massive private sector unemployment and provide even more incentive for the credit rating agencies to downgrade the U.S. credit score.

So what does that mean?

The credit rating agencies have been watching the U.S. debt and plans for the economic future. Theya��re just waiting to downgrade us.A�They’veA�also been waiting to see how the sequester discussion gets resolved. If it looks like our government is actually dysfunctional and cana��t come to any compromises, the credit rating agencies are ready to downgrade the U.S., which would devalue the US dollar even more than it already is.

But how does that affect the price of gold and silver?

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With a weaker dollar, both gold and silver prices would rise dramatically, just as they did in August 2011 when our debt was downgraded by S&P.

How will the Debt Ceiling Debate Affect Gold and Silver Prices?

Tuesday, January 29th, 2013

the debt ceiling and Gold and Silver pricesEvery credit rating agency, especially FITCH, has warned that they will downgrade the U.S.a��s credit rating if the governmentA�doesn’tA�effectively handle raising the debt ceiling and cut $4 trillion from our current $16.4 trillion deficit. If our credit rating is downgraded, our unsustainable debt will be subject to an interest rate increase to try and entice investors to buy our (less valuable) debt securities.

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The Republicans are going to use this opportunity to try to force President Obama to cut spending across the board (including entitlement reform, the largest driver of U.S. national deficits) to satisfy the requirements of FITCH & the other rating agencies. But the Democrats dona��t want to make significant enough cuts in spending as evidenced by the Fiscal Cliff fiasco last month that actually raises our debt by $4 trillion over ten years.

We still dona��t have a national plan to reduce our debt and spending, which means the upcoming debt ceiling battle is inevitable.

Several unreasonable solutions have been given to avoid this much-needed national debate over our debt levela��such as the minting of a $1 trillion platinum coin or invoking the 14 antibotics for women canada. th zoloft online overnight. #Zoloft canada. zoloft dosage. Amendment to allow President Obama to unilaterally increase the debt ceiling. Unfortunately, this solution would strip Congress of their largest responsibilitya��the funding of the U.S. governmenta��and would promptly wind up in the U.S. Supreme Court for constitutional clarification.

Neither the status quo or the proposed a�?solutionsa�? would satisfy the rating agencies requirements, so it is possiblea��even likelya��that our countrya��s debt will be downgraded yet again.

So how will this affect you?

Ita��s not just the countries interest rate that will increase. Mortgage rates, credit card rates, personal or business loansa��any spending that carries an interest rate will increase. Most likely, this will directly impact your budget.

A downgraded credit rating will also lower the value of the dollar and cause gold and silver prices to spike upwards, just as they did in August 2011, when the price of gold skyrocketed to more than $1,950 per ounce. We can expect to see very similar price increases in the precious metals complex this time.A� Already gold and silver are rising in value in anticipation of this coming debacle.

How high will gold and silver rise? No one knows, but a 10a��15% increase is not unreasonable to expect, with a similar decrease in the value of the U.S. dollar.

I Want To Sell My Silver Jewelry, What Types of Silver do you Purchase?

Wednesday, October 24th, 2012

doxycycline over the counter alternative. #Canada Drugs Doxycycline ciprofloxacin eye drops. #Cipro USA. ciprofloxacin uses. . buy doxycycline hyclate. Selling Silver - Silver coin hord canada online pharmacy echeck. The Gold Hunter buys silver from the public as well as gold & platinum, and one question that we are asked fairly frequently by folks that are selling silver jewelry, is what kind of silver do we buy. We buy .999 fine silver ingots & coins (such as American Eagles or Canadian Maple Leafs) as well as a�?junk silver coins,a�? which are the 90% silver content coins dated 1964 and earlier (dollars, half dollars, quarters, and dimes). We also buy sterling silver flatware sets & anything of sterling silver, including jewelry items.

Do you know what kind of silver you own? True sterling silver is 92.5% silver content, but some jewelry items from Mexico and Thailand (despite being stamped a�?sterlinga�? or a�?.925a�?) are actually only 30a��40% silver content. While we will still purchase them, their payable weights must be adjusted accordingly after first-hand inspection.

With silver currently at near-record highs, it pays to scour your kitchen drawers and jewelry boxes for sterling silver items! Contact to Gold Hunter if you are selling silver jewelry and coins, we don’t just buy gold, we buy silver as well. Bring us your silver coins and ingots as well, to receive top prices!