Gold Parties

Imagine a home party where the participants actually receive money for attending, rather than being asked to spend money they may not have for a product or service they may not need or want.

By attending a GOLD HUNTER gold party that you host, your invitees will receive top dollar for their gold, silver, and platinum jewelry in a warm and friendly home environment (yours!) and YOU will receive 10% of the total jewelry buys that occur at your party!

For example, if THE GOLD HUNTER team purchases $10,000 worth of jewelry at your party (and at current gold prices that is very easy to do), then YOU WILL BE PAID $1000 CASH for opening your home & hosting this gold party! And the neat thing is that a typical successful gold party only takes two to three hours of your time TOPS!

A little well thought out planning & preparation goes a long way in ensuring your partys success and maximum $$$ to you! Of course, we will help you plan and prepare for your partys success, having participated in scores of successful, fun gold parties since 2008.

For more information please call Michael @ 303-520-5751

Home-based business parties-

DOUBLE, TRIPLE or even QUADRUPLE your average sales at a home party hosted by a friend or neighbor by inviting THE GOLD HUNTER team to your party and promoting our jewelry-buying service at the same time as promoting your own party. Watch your sales skyrocket as a consequence of the party attendees suddenly having hundreds of extra dollars to spend at your party! Its a natural!


School, charitable, and church fund-raisers-

Everyone benefits when you invite THE GOLD HUNTER team to your fund raising event. People who attend fund raisers are naturally generous even more so when they unexpectedly have hundreds or even thousands of extra dollars to contribute to the worthy cause of their choice.

Is your church needing money for a building program or help sponsoring a youth group trip or activity? Just invite THE GOLD HUNTER team to your fund-raising event and get the results your charity needs. We want to help!

Please call Michael @ 303-520-5751 for more information.